Money Managers

Precise Forex offers Money Managers the opportunity to manage client funds, whilst earning top-level commission, using the very best trading tools within the Forex industry. Manage multiple accounts simultaneously whilst enjoying the support and assistance of our experienced team.

Precise Forex offers an advanced and lucrative partnership program for Money Managers, allowing them to monitor trade and keep track of unlimited accounts whilst earning top-level commissions.

We provide an easy-to-use Money Manager system, which enables the money manager, from a single master account, to:

  1. Manage unlimited trading accounts.
  2. Monitor all open trades, margin levels and balances for individual accounts.
  3. Group clients for easier trade and account management.
  4. Perform one-click trade executions for individuals or groups.
  5. Implement automated trading strategies on advanced trading platforms such as the MetaTrader 4.

For further information about our Money Manager Partnership Program, send an email to