The Precise Forex Partnership program has been designated suitable for both individuals as well as companies. It is a method of partnership whereby an Precise Forex partner can either introduce the forex business opportunity to their existing clients, or they can build up a new client base, thanks to the business model. The program was designed for those who are interested in marketing our products to their clients or placing a banner on their site and directing traffic to our website. Our program allows organizations and individuals around the world to be remunerated for introducing new clients to us. With the growing popularity of Forex Trading together with our company’s investment tools, platforms, useful materials and with our effective marketing strategies, we assure our partners a substantial earnings potential.

To ensure we provide the highest level of service, an account manager will be appointed to each IB to help them to develop a successful business. To allow our IB’s to focus on their clients, PFx will handle all the minute detail in regards to the administration work.


Who can be a partner of Precise Forex?

  • Individuals who are self-motivated and wish to earn a solid passive income.
  • Anyone with a client base that might be interested in forex or investment opportunities.
  • Companies or individuals interested in introducing Precise Forex services to their region.
  • Individuals or companies that have experience with Forex or offer similar services.
  • Anyone with an open mind who believes in achieving goals.
  • Precise Forex is open to partnerships with individuals, entrepreneurs, small companies or large corporations. As a partner of Precise Forex, you can choose whether to build a small business with continuous recurring income, or a large worldwide business, with respectable monthly turnovers.

Our Partnership Programs:

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